Saturday, August 29, 2015

RW Media Outraged: FL Town Votes To Rename Racist Road "Pres. Obama Highway"

Riviera Beach, Florida is a beautiful town on the ocean that has a major road cutting through it. Historically, blacks lived on one side and whites on the other, although the town has a majority black population. The road was named "OLD DIXIE HIGHWAY" back when segregation was the norm.

Naturally, this has offended most of the residents for years, but this year something has finally been done about it. The mayor pushed hard for a name change, and the residents agreed. It makes sense to honor a great American president who has raised so many of his citizens out of poverty and given them access to healthcare, as opposed to honoring a failed, treasonous enemy of the United States.

The city council agreed and voted 4-1 to rename "Old Dixie Highway" as "President Barack Obama Highway".

As someone who lives in a town that insists on naming roads after Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, this is a nice change. Honoring someone who really helped Florida.

Naturally the rightwing media is outraged over people of a town practicing democracy and voting their interests.

The systematic cleansing of all public references to the Old South continued this week, with a Florida town council voting to rename the racially divisive "Old Dixie Highway."

Man, our Constitutional democracy sucks, huh? complained that the poor residents will have "to live with" the name change and ended by saying




Not bothering to research the demographics or voting history of the city. Cuz research is hard. But then we have the morons at Breitbart...


The Palm Beach Post notes...."There might soon be a place where Barack Obama and Martin Luther King meet--and it won’t be just in the hearts of Americans who revere both men,” the Post gushes. Presumably it means Barack Obama Highway will intersect Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard somewhere in the town, although they didn’t feel it necessary to explain the obsequious remark further.

Yes, Breitbart, it does actually meet--as anyone with Google Maps can tell you. Yet, again, I actually bothered to research--something you conservative knuckle-draggers are incapable of.

It's not a done deal yet. It has to go through the Palm Beach County Commissioners for a final vote. However, they are primarily Democrats and I don't think it will be an issue. This puts aside the principle that the city with the road really should get a say in the naming of their roads--especially if they want to remove a name that offends most of its residents.

Nonetheless, if you want to shoot the commissioners an email of encouragement, have at it.

On Rightwing Christians: Have you noticed something odd about this Ashley Madison scandal?

Since the Ashley Madison scandal broke, I have noticed a distinct lack of condemnation from you rightwing christians.

Where are all the youtube hate videos against the subscribers practicing adultery?

Where are the droves of protestors picketing like Planned Parenthood?

It's pretty clear where Jesus stands with cheating on your spouse. In case you missed the Commandment of "Thou shalt not covet they neighbor's wife", Jesus laid it out:

In Mathew 5:27-30 he said if you even look at another woman with desire, then cut out your eye because it's better to "lose one of your members than to have your whole body go to hell".

Lust > Cheat > Hell. Pretty straightforward. There were other things He directly condemned, like divorce. Yet He was most clear on His biggest pet peeve: excess wealth.

Yet those are three things that today's rightwing Christian doesn't care about. Massive greed? That's called "prosperity gospel" now. The parable of Lazarus? They root for the rich guy in hell.

Divorce? Adultery? Child Molestation? whoopsey-daisies. No big whoop.

But gays and abortions? That's where they burst arteries! Two issues Jesus said NOTHING about. Both of those things existed during His time. If they are the epitome of evil, you'd think they'd at least warrant a mention. But nothing.

So what about actual sins that are specifically mentioned and given no leeway at all in the Bible? Meh.

In fact, on Mike Huckabee's old cheesy talk show five years ago he featured Ashley Madison's CEO to tell "his side" of the story. Yes, Mike disagreed with what Ashley Madison was doing but then added "I could be wrong".

Seriously, go to 11: 43 of this video. That's what he said.

There is no ambiguity in the Bible about adultery. And yet, while the Bible says nothing about abortion, here is Huckabee defending Paraguay's awful decision to force an 11-year old raped by her stepfather to bear a child. Here is a man who said he would not be against using federal troops to stop women from getting abortions! Here is a man calling for mass arrests over gay marriage. This is the same guy who convulsed with anger over gays being allowed to be happy.

In fact, Santorum, Huckabee, Cruz, et. al have said nothing about the AshleyMadison scandal or a word of condemnation to their millions of subscribers. Maybe they are worried about alienating some supporters, but that means their virulent rants on nonissues become even more meaningless. It's almost like they are full of something....

Clearly there is no righteous, religious hate espoused for those who abuse or leave their marriages like there is for those who are in stable, homosexual relationships. Despite what the Bible says, these guys SWEAR to me that they know exactly who Jesus hates.

And I find it absolutely amazing that it always happens to coincide with their preconceived prejudices. Go figure.

I'll bet if Jesus said to love their enemies, they'd find a way around it. (Oh wait...)

So you will have to excuse me when I roll my eyes over your next meltdown. Where is the indignant condemnation now?

Where is your moral outrage against these sinners?

You'll rally like crazy against things not even in the Bible, but ignore and stay silent about AshleyMadison.

I guess it's hard to condemn something that you probably have an account with.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

There was that time JEB! forced single mothers to post their sexual history in the newspaper...

SIMI VALLEY, CA - MARCH 08:  Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush speaks at the Reagan Library after autographing his new book

This man cannot be president.

I am not exaggerating what happened here.

If a mother was going to give up her child for adoption, the conservative legislature--supported and signed by one Jeb Bush-- she was required to PUBLISH HER ENTIRE SEXUAL HISTORY in a major newspaper.

The idea behind it was... actually, I don't know what the hell the idea was except to publically shame the woman. (Publically shaming unwed mothers, by the way, is something JEB! actually loudly and proudly called on people to do.)

All I know is that it passed under our wacko bird GOP legislature.

It was called the Scarlet Letter law.

Your friends, neighbors, employers, family, and acquaintances would be able to read everyone you had sex with alongside their Sunday funnies.

If you were raped and conceived a child, (cuz the body doesn't distiguish rape sperm), you couldn't give the child up for adoption in the State of Florida unless you gave the rapist a chance to read about it in the paper.

Or if the man abandoned you and ran off, JEB! and his cohorts thought that maybe seeing his name in print would make him want to return and raise that child.

Along with the mother's name, the notice had to include the following:

must contain a physical description, including, but not limited to age, race, hair and eye color, and approximate height and weight of the minor's mother and of any person the mother reasonably believes may be the father; the minor's date of birth; and any date and city, including the county and state in which the city is located, in which conception may have occurred.
You read that right. The mother had to put all her personal information, including weight, her sexual partners, and WHERE they may have conceived. NO exception was made in a case of rape! Oh, and it wasn't a one-time ad. It had to run for one month at the MOTHER'S personal expense even though this was forced on her.

I don't know what the F-- they were thinking, but it happened.

Instead of being publically shamed, Florida women simply refused to do this. It may have happened, but I don't know of one case where a woman printed her sexual history in the paper.

Do you know what DID happen though? Abortions increased. Adoptions dropped--by a lot. I know a personal friend of mine who wanted to adopt his stepdaughter when the law was in effect, but he couldn't. Not without humiliating his wife. This was JEB!'s Florida.

Eventually, John Ellis Dumb-ass Bush conceded this may not have been the brightest idea. He relented. But it got what he wanted: to SHAME women.

An excerpt from JEB's 1995 book, ironically titled "Profiles in Character":

One of the reasons more young women are giving birth out of wedlock and more young men are walking away from their paternal obligations is that there is no longer a stigma attached to this behavior, no reason to feel shame. Many of these young women and young men look around and see their friends engaged in the same irresponsible conduct. Their parents and neighbors have become ineffective at attaching some sense of ridicule to this behavior. There was a time when neighbors and communities would frown on out of wedlock births and when public condemnation was enough of a stimulus for one to be careful.
The good ole' days. If only we could return to them. Then again, I don't ever recall JEB! criticizing Bristol Palin. It's just certain women, I suppose.

The backlash from this awful law was such that the law was repealed fairly quickly. That's good news. What is reprehensible is how JEB! is being allowed to rewrite recent history as if he never wanted this law and was somehow unable to stop it. He could have and he didn't. It was a very shameful time in our state's history, and one that shouldn't be overlooked.

I guess so much awfulness has happened to our state since (Stand Your Ground--also Bush, Terri Schiavo, Rick Scott, etc.) that it's easy to forget what happened. Please don't let that happen. We are faced with the most anti-woman, anti-progressive slate of GOP candidates in history. Rubio wants to ban all abortions in all cases. Walker wants a woman to be raped again with an unnecessary, transvaginal wand for no medical reason whatsoever. We in Florida know what JEB! is capable of, and then there's Trump.

I wish to modify my original statement. NONE of them can be president.

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Trump: Megyn "Bimbo" and Has "Blood Coming Out of Somewhere Else"

First off, I wholeheartedly agree with "the Donald" that the clown show known as "Fox News" has an agenda for picking the winner of the GOP primary. It was obvious when they divided up the participants for a "prime-time" and "loser" debate, instead of holding two prime-time debates. It was more obvious the way the moderators threw pre-arranged softball questions for people they liked, like Jeb Bush (to highlight his "accomplishments"), as opposed to the way they went after someone they really didn't like--Donald Trump.

(With all the issues we are facing, does anyone think that the first question asked about being a spoiler was anything but a way to embarrass Trump?)

One of their attack lines against Trump was that he was misogynistic. Oh, he is. In a BIG way. But c'mon, so are the rest of them. He's standing right next to Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee, for crying out loud. But Fox News knew how to push Trump's buttons.

Megyn Kelly asked essentially why he hates women. Trump, being Trump, gave a disgusting answer attacking Rosie O'Donnell. Then said some other disgusting things. Blah blah, debate ended.

Then Trump, again being Trump, went late into the night seething with a bruised ego. At 2am Friday morning he sent tweet after tweet lambasting Fox News and, in particular, Megyn Kelly.

One of the tweets he sent out said "Fox viewers give low marks to bimbo @MegynKelly will consider other programs!"

He also tweeted that she was "overrated", "angry", and (his favorite) a "loser".

That night on an interview he didn't stop. He went on to call her "not very sharp", a "lightweight" and other names. Then he said that she "had blood coming out of her eyes. Or blood coming out of somewhere else."

I am no fan of Megyn "I hate scary black Santa" Kelly. Yet attacking her as a woman is despicable. Yeah, she's a hack... so are all the others at Fox. That attack on her was classless and disgraceful.

Yet all I can think about is this sad reality:


In the past few weeks Trump has attacked Hispanics, POWs, and women in such a mean way that no one can sugar-coat what he thinks of them. (Although they try.) Yet he is leading by DOUBLE-DIGITS across the board.

These are hateful, spiteful, bigoted, and small-minded people. They are the GOP. And Donald Trump is the face.

Don't cry, Fox News. After all, you are largely responsible for creating the ignorant, hateful masses that are his followers. They are called your viewers.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Archie Bunker Was Satire. Today, He'd Lead the GOP Primary.

I used to laugh heartily at Archie Bunker of All in the Family. His character was satire of an unintelligent bigot.

Archie Bunker was low class, arrogant, dumb and intolerant of other people. He was simply ridiculous. We all laughed at the stupid things he said and believed.

Who knew that 40 years later the GOP would devolve into satire. Who knew that someone like Archie Bunker could win an election today.

The conservative masses follow dumber and dumber people. I didn't think they could get worse than W, but then I heard Palin. Then Bachmann. Then Gohmert. Now they have someone who has to tell people that "he's really smart": unapologetic racist Donald Trump. Like Trump, Archie was dumb and bigoted. The difference is that Archie Bunker was likeable.

You see, unlike Donald Trump, Archie Bunker wasn't a one-dimensional character.

The writers forced Archie to confront his bigotry several times. Whether it was learning he had a blood transfusion from a black man, dealing with black neighbors or finding out his best friend who passed away was Jewish, we saw that Archie was able to grow. There was always a better person inside that the other characters were desperate to pull out, and we were happy to see it.

That is simply not the case with Donald Trump. In fact, Donald Trump is nothing more than a human cartoon.

Trump is a man completely incapable of any humility or introspection. He is hate incarnate. Whether its Mexicans, "the blacks", the Chinese, Arabs, what-have-you, there is no reaching the Donald. There is no "better" person underneath.

If "the Donald" was a character on TV, we would say the writers were terrible. What kind of real person says he never makes mistakes? Who says everything he does is "great" or "the greatest ever"? Who says they have no flaws? (He even said his hair is great.) The Donald even said he never had to ask God for forgiveness for anything becaue he's perfect. (I think his first two wives would disagree.)

In fact, if Donald Trump was written as a character on All in the Family, the writer who dreamed him up would be fired because he would be too unbelievable. Too shallow. Too one-dimensional. Think about that.

But this isn't about Donald Trump. It's about the GOP electorate. It's about how far they have fallen.

I recently watched an episode where Archie Bunker had an absolutely hilarious rant on guns. Essentially, his idea involved giving out guns to all the passengers before they board planes at airports.

Funny and stupid right? Here are comments:

I would vote for Archie over anything the democrats would put up. -Nimrod

Archie Bunker was right on! ... Liberals just dont get it. No matter how strict gun laws are, somebody will always get their hands on a gun which will mean more homicides. Its really not that hard to figure out. -Alex R.

yep he was right even way back then ..................those where the days !! -WATCHMAN 7777

Even Archie Bunker got it back then ;-) -Robyn K

Look at that Meathead, sitting there like a brain dead zombie Liberal loving commie. Archie, laying down the facts and truth, Archie Bunker for president! -Roachcannon

Unfortunately, the GOP is full of these idiots who don't have a clue that this was supposed to be satire. They actually WANT this type of thinking in a leader.

These are the people who are ensuring that gun massacres continue almost every week in this country. They cling to their ideology so hard that they have even decided that the slaughter of small children is acceptable as long as they aren't inconvenienced by a background check.

These people want ideologues. Worse, they want ideologues who are stupid. This is why we have GOP leaders today like the Oklahoma governor who can't name the three branches of government. Or that idiot who thinks cancer is a fungus. Or anything Florida. The GOP voter isn't ashamed of ignorance--they celebrate it.

The GOP voter isn't ashamed of hate... they promote it.

The GOP voter isn't even ashamed of shame. Philandering (Trump, Sanford, Vitter) is rewarded. At least Archie Bunker had some morals. I'm sure he would have a problem with child molestation or gunning down children. Archie NEVER would have tried to defend either, unlike today's GOP candidates (Huckabee, Santorum).

Also, at the very least, Archie Bunker was funny.

But there is nothing funny about people who, today, don't view Archie Bunker as satire but rather a misunderstood genius ahead of his time. These people should not be choosing our leaders. We should make sure we don't let them.

Please get involved in our next election. Please relegate satire to our old sitcoms, not our elected offices.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Receive Food Donations?? Get EVICTION!!

Florida slum lord Tonia Sonju runs the Carlyn Estates Mobile Home Park in the city of Palmetto. She is a very wealthy investor who bought the park last year for $5.2 million,(funded partially through a rich person tax-deferment deal), so it is safe to say this lady will never go hungry.

Can't say the same for some of the residents in her slum park.

Apparently, the former Homeowner's Association president, Tim McCoyle, saw a real need with seniors not getting food with their high medical bills/drug prescriptions, so he worked with a local church to start food deliveries. This either caused, or at least added to, a feud Tonia Sonju had with him.

"I can't believe the treacherous things she has done to hurt this individual who was only trying to help," said resident Diane Klein.

One of the "treacherous things" Tonia did was something only a wealthy, sick bastard would do: send out notices to residents threatening eviction if caught getting a food donation!

Eviction. This wasn't for failure to pay rent, or for criminal behavior. This was a threat to throw you out of your house just for trying to eat.

One of the recipients of the letter was Pearl Jones, an 81 year old woman with diabetes who lived there for over 30 years:

“The owner had her people follow the delivery trucks and mark down the numbers of the trailers who got [food donations]. Now, no one will accept food. They don’t want to be evicted. This lady is from California and she said no one in here needs it. She thinks everyone in here has a lot of money. Well, I need it.”
According to the gofundme page someone setup to help the residents being threatened, the letter stated "If you receive one more food delivery, I will evict you".

Thankfully, the local media picked up the story and a Facebook page supporting the residents was created. Tonia Sonju relented just this past Sunday and allowed food deliveries under certain conditions.

How many of you want to bet she is a Trump supporter?

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The moment Bernie Sanders lost his chance

During the conference that "shall not be named" this year, rising star Bernie Sanders was given a golden opportunity. He blew it.

The protesters stormed the convention hall shouting "black lives matter!" This was an opportunity for him to address a critical issue at a critical moment. Instead, he treated them as hecklers. An annoyance.

Sanders delivered his standard stump speech and threatened to leave if they continued to interrupt him.

He stuck to his riff on jobs and wages. When told it was near the end, a clearly agitated Sanders said "good!"


Sanders was scheduled to meet with representatives of the organization Black Lives Matter after the speech, but his campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, attended the meeting instead.

Again, NICE.

Had Bernie bothered to listen to their concerns and address this critical issue, instead of telling them to sit down and be quiet, he would have moved the needle in his favor.

Instead, he missed his shot and pissed off a lot of people in the process.

Lest you guys think I am a Bernie Basher, I am not. I think his race in the campaign is critical for pushing economic disparity on the front burner for this campaign season. I thought, up to this point, he was a pretty adept campaigner.

But the disappointment in his behavior has been reflected on message boards throughout the black community. I get that it was a disruption, but for God's sakes, getting killed everyday is a bit of a disruption as well and some of us want to know when people who are supposedly on our side are going to do something about it.

Not told to sit down, shut up, and listen to a standard stump speech. O'Malley is a joke, but Bernie was a disappointment.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Rick Scott "Not Offended" by Trump's Racism

One of the things Rick Scott is well known for in Florida is dodging questions. Somewhere early on in his first campaign apparently someone told him that he was so bad at talking that he needs to ignore questions he doesn't want to answer by repeating the same talking point over and over and over.

He has taken that advice to the extreme.

But this should have been an easy question.

He was asked what he thought of Trump's comments on whether Mexican immigrants were, for the most part, "killers" and "rapists". You would think Rick Scott could handle an easy condemnation of Trump's remarks.

1. Consider that Rick Scott is governor of a state with a very large Hispanic population.

2. Consider that he even picked an Hispanic Lt. Governor completely outside his circle JUST to pander.

Even something along the lines of "I disagree that the Mexican immigrants currently building my beach mansion are murders and rapists".

EZ-PZ, nice and easy. Condemn the remarks, move on.

Or, since this is Rick Scott, DO THIS.

Rick Scott, once again, painfully and awkwardly pretending to be asked a different question. Incredulous at the game he was playing, the reporter asked point blank if he was offended. Here is where Rick slipped and finally answered the question, truthfully, saying he WAS NOT OFFENDED.

Quickly realizing he was answering the question, he immediately backtracked to the talking point.

Rick Scott doesn't care about Mexicans. That was painfully clear last election when senior staffers in his campaign mocked Mexican accents. His finance chair, a mogul with Hispanic heritage, was infuriated. Despite raising record amounts of cash for Rick Scott, the man was pushed out, called a liar and "bizzare", and Rick Scott strongly defended the two bigots who insulted him.

Of course Rick Scott doesn't care about Trump's bigotry. It also doesn't hurt that Trump was one of Rick Scott's largest single donors last election.

However, to give you an idea of just how bad Rick Scott's performance was, even the object of Scott's affection, Donald Trump, admitted that Rick Scott sounded like an idiot.

And let me remind you, that accusation is coming from Donald Trump!

Rick Scott--all the bigotry, none of the charisma.

(PS. His Lt. Gov, Carlos Lopez Canterra, has also refused to condemn Trump's remarks and has nothing to say about his boss being okay with it. Carlos just announced yesterday that he was going to run for the open Senate seat. As I said about Jeb Bush, people who can't stand up for their own family aren't ever going to fight for you.)