Monday, September 01, 2014

Rick Scott Rammed Thru Corrupt, Crony Appointment, Who is Now Facing 15 Years

Everyday there is a new scandal with Rick Scott in this state. I am already several scandals behind in my writing because I just cannot keep up. We've become one of the most corrupt states in America. (Damn you, Mississippi!)

Well, at least we are dead last in education funding. (No wait... damn you Alabama!) You know, if Rick Scott is truly in a race to drag us to the bottom, he can't even do that right.

Oh well, yesterday's news may help us get closer to the top of the trash heap.

Rick Scott, who has had record turnover in his administration due to corruption, can add his "proud" appointee, Scott Batterson, to the list.

Little background, if you've ever been to Orlando, you know our tolls are sky high. That's because most of the board appointments for the Xpressway Authority have a history of being extremely corrupt: developer deals, cronyism, huge monetary payouts, etc. It happens so frequently that there is a major scandal every few years. The grand jury for the last corruption case in 2009 called the board hopelessly corrupt. Two years before that, board members were again in Court because of a huge fundraising scandal.

Naturally, when Rick Scott arrived, he appointed the absolute worst person possible to on the board: Scott Batterson.

The man just convicted of bribery, more counts to follow, and looking towards at least 15 years in prison.

Picture of Scott Batterson hugging his idol, Rick Scott

Batterson was on the payroll for a mega-developer, Jim Palmer, who wanted $30 million for the use of his land from the Xpressway Authority. This was taxpayer money, mind you, and the offer was obscene. Hoeever, Scott Batterson was the one who was to "negotiate" with Palmer.

Only Rick Scott, (and a few corrupt politicians like my own Rep. Jason Brodeur (R), thought this was a grand idea.

Scott was repeatedly warned not to put Scott Batterson on the Xpressway Authority. Every media outlet, watchdog group, and the two honest board members made waves over Batterson's appointment back in 2011. Rick Scott ignored them all and appointed him anyway.

Once on the board, Batterson did not disappoint. He started making backroom deals, including offering a $5 million dollar contract to a consulting firm in exchange for hiring some of his buddies. Worse, he did this in a bar in direct violation of the law, and KNOWING he was being watched.

And it got worse:

Investigative records released by Ashton's office last month appear to show Batterson and a handful of others plotted to take over the authority and its nearly $300 million in annual toll collections to win contracts for friends and further their own careers.

His "coup" involved forcing out the Director, who was put on by Charlie Crist to clean up the agency. He teamed up with another Rick Scott appointee, Marco Pena, (who resigned in disgrace), and the horrible Noranne Downs, who for some reason is still serving on the damn board!

Charlie Crist said it best:

“This is just the latest example of how shady Rick Scott’s Administration is – and how lobbyists and special interests get special treatment while we all foot the bill,” the email says. “There’s likely more to this story, as is usually the case when Scott or his cronies are involved.”

For every scandal involving Scott, please donate $1 or 1 hour to the Crist campaign. I realize this involves thousands of dollars or hours, so feel free to make it much less. We can't go on like this.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Throw another log on the fire...

With the Scott Batterson guilty verdict yesterday, we've run out of room...

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Rick Scott, Auto Tag Fees, and the State Plane

I posted two more movies on the new channel, one on the state plane, and one on the auto tag fees. As I said I'll post one a day for a while -- though I'll take the next two days off for the holiday. Have a good Labor Day!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Rick Scott Allows Ads on All State Trails (Plus, New UTube Channel)

One of the writers for the Seminole Democrat is the incredibly talented IndieThinker. He writes the widely successful Rick Scott Must Go! installments and is starting to turn some of them into animated videos.

This first one concerns a bill Rick Scott signed and went into effect July 2012. It allows the Department of Environmental Protection (which was led by Scott business crony John Littleton at the time) to place ads on any state trail. (Originally, it was just seven trails, but a later amendment expanded it to all trails.)

Scott did most of his damage in 2011 with cutting 1.3 billion in education (but doubling his budget), his drug testing of all gov. workers scheme, his voter suppression and purging awfulness, his pulling funding of sick and disabled kids, etc. etc. etc. Yet 2012 was hardly a stellar year for this state. Our legislature, completely ignoring our seniors, veterans, and uninsured, found time to debate: Jay-Z lyrics, a 24-hour waiting period for abortions, a requirement for doctors to describe "fetal pain", pit bulls, and of course, bills that made it easier for Rick Scott to destroy the environment.

Compared to Rick Scott's other environmental crimes, like allowing fracking in the Everglades, literally destroying our springs, or allowing polluters to dump, this is small by comparison. Yet it really says something when you, as a Florida citizen, feel relieved that your governor is at least not destroying our beautiful lands as much as he could be. That is disturbing.

Well, he's only allowing 4-16 foot billboards. Phew. At least he's not turning them into golf courses yet.

You can watch Indie's video here. He is posting new ones every day, so consider subscribing.

I hope they will soon be outdated, hilarious fodder for a horrible era. That depends on how many of us GOTV this November.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

800,000 Jobs Lost by Crist?

Here's the next movie for the new YouTube channel. For a while I'll post one of these a day.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

YouTube Channel: "Rick Scott Must Go!"

As I said earlier today, I have a little surprise. 

In an effort to bring my list of reasons to dis-elect Rick Scott to more people, I've created some movies for a YouTube channel I've called "Rick Scott Must Go!"

Here's the very first movie, a pilot that talks about Scott's legislation bringing advertisements to nature trails. If it turns out people like these, I'll make some more.

By the way, Rick Scott was drawn by a friend of mine who is a professional cartoonist. He thought Rick Scott looked best drawn like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons. I agree!


Jennifer Carroll Says: "I was treated like an unwanted stepchild"

Rick Scott's former lieutenant governor has a new "kiss and tell" (or maybe "kick and tell") book where she affirms most of what we already know: Rick Scott is a creepy, uncaring, cold, reptilian backstabber who despises minorities. The Scott campaign will no doubt start talking about sour grapes, but even if it was (and I doubt it is), they've heaped up enough plates of that themselves the past few years to not be able to escape hypocrisy.

I thought that was a bulletin worth sharing. A little later I'll have something special.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

FL 2014 Primary Results

I made several endorsements, but I only wrote individually about four: Crist for gov., Sheldon for AG, Lemonidis for Group 14 (18th Circuit), and a piece about Curcio/Miller for the two school districts in Seminole.

Except for the school races, the others came through.

You can see ALL of the results here at

MUST SEE: Stewart Obliterates Fox News over Ferguson

Jon is outraged at Fox's outrage. The story with link is here:

You can also go directly to the link here:

Sorry, but this video is no allowing me to embed.

We've been waiting for Jon to take down Fox's increasingly despicable rhetoric (including this morning questioning of we can really call a big black guy an "unarmed teen")? It was worth the wait.

“I guarantee you that every person of color in this country has faced an indignity, from the ridiculous, to the grotesque, to the sometimes fatal, at some point in their … I’m gonna say last couple of hours, because of their skin color,” he said, before making his final, sobering statement: “Race is there and it is a constant. You’re tired of hearing about it? Imagine how fucking exhausting it is living it.”