Saturday, June 24, 2006

Help Out Our Field of Candidates-Help Marian Williams this week

NOTE: I will return to blogging July 1.

There are many good Democratic candidates running for office right here in Seminole. Check out the list on the SemDems website. All of this talk and media attention of the remergence of our party here will not amount to much if we can't come together and help our local candidates. Visit their websites, contribute if you can, volunteer, and encourage (at least) 10 of your friends to come out and vote for them.

This week, Marian Williams is hosting a fundraiser. She is running for Supervisor of Elections, and Seminole DESPERATELY needs a nonpartisan for this post. (Because I support her call for a positive campaign, I will allow you to do your own research on the past/present GOP Supervisor of Elections from 2000 to today -- just Google and see past Orlando Sentinel articles)

Thursday, June 29, 2006
Fundraiser Event
Committee To Elect Marian Williams, will be hosting a cocktail reception in Honor of Candidate at the Marriott Hotel, 1501 International Parkway, Lake Mary, FL, 7:00 PM TO 9:00 PM, cocktails and Hors D'oeuvres, cash bar, Suggested donations: $60.00 R.S.V.P. call 407 804-0603

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

GOP tells American Troops: Iraq is in Charge!

Conservative pundits are sinking trying to defend their policy on Iraq, and telling everyone who is still senile that everything is coming up roses and everything is going to be OK if we just "believe". (This from the same folks who say liberals have their heads in the clouds.)

By any measure, we are losing in Iraq, and the White House is completely disconnected from reality. (These, by the way, aren't my words--they came from Chuck Hagel(R).) Just what is working in Iraq? Economic growth? Public opinion? Violence levels? No, the reality is that the only thing that Bush has succeeded in is the creation of the largest welfare state in history, and an unfortunate growing complacency of casualty counts and atrocities.

President Bush, fresh from his surprise visit to Bahgdad,(which he had to sneak into three years after "Mission Accomplished"), is still telling his followers to "stay the course". The problem comes when you ask any of them, ANY OF THEM, to explain what the hell "stay the course" means. As far as I can tell, it means that we will keep our troops in Iraq either indefinitely, or until whenever the chaotic, pathetic excuse for a government decides it wants to actually start governing. In other words, Iraq is in charge of when our troops return home.

Far from the spin "cut and run", Democrats are asking what every sensible person in America is asking, or ought to be asking: What are the objectives, the clear benchmarks, that need to happen for our troops to return home? Some Democrats say we need to set a deadline to wean the Iraqi government from dependence on our military to provide for them; others say we need to set clear objectives for the Iraqi forces to meet so our troops can stand down. But either one is a much stronger position than the GOP stance--to ride lockstep behind our failed commander-in-chief for an open-ended commitment of our troops indefinitely with no strategy to bring them home.

Amazingly, the GOP is even balking at an amendment that the Senate Democrats are introducing this week as an amendment to a military policy bill that pledges this year will be a year of "significant transition" toward an independent Iraq.

Too strong? Let's not get carried away now...

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Soldiers Don't Die for Propoganda

Falsely thinking that Zarqawi's death would change people's perception of the war, the new House majority leader took up valuable time to stage a meaningless debate on the war: the ONLY purpose being to try to help the GOP's downward spiraling poll numbers. The leader of the House GOP even passed out talking points that asked them to frame the debate in terms of Democrat vs. republican.

If I was a House member, I would have ripped this guy a new one. Our soldiers still don't have a comprehensive strategy to win this war, no exit strategy, are still not getting the supplies and armor they need, and their benefits continue to be cut. However, the House apparently had time to engage in desparate propaganda that only aimed to help the campaigns of wealthy GOPers in Congress--none of whom, by the way, have any children or relatives fighting in Iraq. (As Jack Murtha eloquently pointed out, its easy to make tough decisions with someone else's children.)

Our military expects the Congress to work together to give them the help they need, as opposed to, say, being used as props for a campaign stunt. Although I am not an advocate of a time table for withdrawal without tangible benchmarks, I would have not participated in this vote. I know our soldiers deserve better, and I would never have the audacity to demean the deaths of our fighting men and women by being part of a transparent charade. Our soldiers need help, real answers, and real leadership.

I'm just sorry they have to wait for November to get it.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Difference between the left and right extremists

Both parties have extremists. Although as Democrats, we can take pride in the fact that the far-left extremists do not run our party. This is a fortune we have unlike the GOP, who feel that they must bow and scrape to the likes of hate-mongers like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell.

Beyond those right-wing extremists, however, are people so far to the right that they have fallen off the cliff. These people are so soulless and depraved, they actually take pleasure in the deaths of our soldiers, their greiving mothers, and the widows of 9/11. I am talking about two right-wing extreme extremists: Rev. Phelps and Ann Coulter.

Rev. Phelps is the man who organizes protests outside soldier's funerals; displaying tasteless signs such as "Thank GOD for IEDs" because of his irrational belief that their deaths are because of God's hatred of homosexuals (I don't get it either). Ann Coulter, in her latest book, mocks the widows of 9/11 as "witches" and claims they actually are taking pleasure from their husband's death, and also vicously attacks a grieving mother who lost her son in Iraq because she dared to question the Bush administration's motives for the war.

As far off as some of the left-wing extremists are, I have never heard any one of them mock a dead soldier, their mothers, or the family survivors of 9/11. I remember the GOP exploiting certain 9/11 survivors at their 2004 convention--but no one from the left ever attacked them. As misguided as their belief in Bush was, they had suffered a terrible loss that I would not wish on anyone.

I pray for the depraved souls of both Ann Coulter and Rev. Phelps, but I am not angry. They are just sad creatures that deserve pity, not rational debate. However, what I am most upset about is the lack of condemnation from the GOP leadership. The sick Rev. Phelps should have been condemned in the strongest of terms, but those condemnations are reserved only for Democrats. In fact, now that Ann Coulter has taken the spotlight, there is no one in the GOP who has condemned her atrocious comments with the notable exception of George Pataki. Nope. Go to, they are attacking John Kerry and Ted Kennedy again.

You see, the GOP leadership beleives that no matter how bad their extremists are, the only ones that ever deserve speaking out against are Democrats. As sick as the supporters of those two hearless souls are, they are also votes in November.

And after all, insn't that, in the end, what it's all about?

Friday, June 02, 2006

Another Stolen Election

We already know how far the GOP will go to stay in power. I witnessed dirty tricks first hand when I canvassed on election day in Sanford in 2004. Citizens were given false information on when and where to vote (some of the fake door hangers were still on some of the houses). This is nothing, however, compared to what happened in Ohio. The Rolling Stone did a great investigative article that shows how Ohio prevented more than 350,000 voters from casting ballots or having their votes counted. Read it here.

We have our work cut out for us.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

GOP Talking Points for November

The talking points given by the Rovian strategists are in. Listen closely whenever anyone who is conservative is asked why the voters should re-elect them in November. I have heard the same thing from Bush, Cheney, Tom Feeney, talk radio pundits, Fox News, and several up for re-election:

First, here’s what they can’t say.
  1. They can’t, under any circumstances, talk about any accomplishments. (The reason Congress’s poll numbers are around 22% is because what they’ve done to us or what they haven’t done).
  2. They can’t and won’t talk about any agenda or any ideas for the future. (Democrats have a plan for immediate middle-class relief, health-care, high gas prices, lobbyist reform and real homeland security—have you heard the Republican agenda? That’s because there is none---except more of the same).
  3. Worst of all, they haven’t even promised to clean up their behavior! Have you heard any of them say that they will start curbing their spending habits are start behaving ethically with lobbyists? Of course not. (And can you imagine how they will behave if they somehow get to keep their majority with no upcoming election!?)

No, when asked that question, here is the three points they are told to say:

GOP Talking Point 1: Because we don’t want the democrats to become a majority. Things are bad now, but could you image what would happen if democrats win?

What would happen, friend? Out of control spending? $250 mill bridges to nowhere? Lobbying scandals? Homeland Insecurity? Nope, that is YOUR legacy.

GOP Talking Point 2: They will bog us down with impeachments.

This one is rich. The GOP wasted millions of tax payer dollars investigating a lousy real estate deal with Bill Clinton, but lying about WMDs and the justification for a major war, continuously breaking laws, leaking national security information to wage a smear campaign, and violating the Constitution are all completely A-OK. Actually, my GOP friend , there ARE NO PLANS for impeachment. Nancy Pelosi has just said that, and the Senate leadership has said that, and our chairman, Howard Dean, has said that. We are not republicans. We know that as justified as impeachment would be, that is not the reason Americans are returning us to power. They are putting us in power this November because the people are FED up and want relief NOW. That is what our focus is. We will force the president to put the people first, instead of his cronies and the oil companies. And, of course, we will end the rubber-stamping of the GOP Congress and its morally bankrupt agenda. As Dems, we will restore an honest government, and fight for those who need help the most, not those who need it least. That is OUR agenda. And its why we are leading in every poll. You guys should try it sometime. PS: We will also restore accountability once in charge, so this corrupt administration needs to get on the ball about cleaning up its act.

GOP Talking Point 3: We haven’t been attacked since 9/11.

It must be nice to forget the dozens of American deaths every other day in Iraq. The terrorists don’t bother to come here because there is now a large terrorist haven (created by this administration) and, unfortunately, our troops are nice targets because of the lack of armor, support, and supplies (again, courtesy of this administration and its inept backing of Rumsfeld). One conservative argued with me that it is the military’s purpose to die for all of us. This is why veterans like me no longer respect the GOP. My job was to protect this country and defend freedom, not be a sacrificial lamb—especially for those who weaseled out of their military obligation. These are the same ones who argue that we must give up our freedoms to be safe. (FoxNews: Several anchors stated that there is no liberty if you are dead. A reverse to our famous slogan, “Give me liberty or give me death”. So, terrorists hate our freedoms, and you are actually arguing that we should give them up?!?)

Also, this administration does NOT care about homeland security. They have yet to force the abysmal homeland security department take any responsibility, and have no comprehensive strategy (unlike the Dems) to take care of our railroads, ports, waterways, and nuclear power plants. In fact, their only strategy that I know of was to wiretap everyone. As far as our infrastructure goes, the only thing they did this year was to try to outsource it.

These talking points are representative of their overall strategy that has worked well in the past for the GOP: play the fear card. The problem is, this time, everyone has caught up to the fact they are only in power for themselves. For the rest of us, they either have no clue or don’t care. America needs a unified and fighting Democratic party to put us back on the right path, otherwise, all we will be left with is more decline, more excuses, and a lot more spin.