Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Video of Vote Tampering

I’ve been corresponding with Senator Debra Bowen, who is the candidate for CA Secretary of State. I told her how our current elections chief, republican Mike Ertel, allows poll workers to take home the touch screen voting machines purchased for Seminole County. I told her that I didn't trust those machines because they are so easy to mess with.

She sent me a frightning video entitled "Midnight Vote Tampering".
She uses this in her campaign for SoS. Keep in mind that in Seminole, you don't even have to go through the trouble of breaking a lock since these machines are allowed to go to poll worker's living rooms. Watch it here:
Midnight Vote Tampering

Monday, October 30, 2006

John Mica/Tom Feeney: Anti-Stem Cell Research/Anti-Cure

I saw the moving message from Michael J. Fox. It has shown a lot of people what is at stake in this election. (As well as nasty, unfair attacks from the right that he's "faking" his illness.)

What is more heartbreaking is that fact that both of our GOP representatives, Tom Feeney and John Mica, oppose life-saving research for those with painful, debilitating diseases. How could anyone calling himself "pro-life" favor a piece of protoplasm the size of 1/10 of this period (.) that scientists say could have the potential to treat and cure a wide range of human disorders. Especially considering that the protoplasm is going to be discarded anyway.

But the record of Tom Feeney and the record of John Mica is laid out right here, for everyone to see, on stem-cell research and other areas they have failed us on.

By the way, Democrats.org has a post called "Sound Science, Stem Cell Research and 2006" that you should read. It also has a link to the ad from Michael J. Fox that everyone is talking about.

This year Americans have a choice between those who believe in crafting public policy based on extreme idealogical beliefs, and those who believe in making decisions based on the best evidence available and the advice of experts. Support John Chagnon for FL-7 and
Clint Curtis for FL-24.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Virtual Call Center UP, we need your help!!

Although we have right on our side, it won't make much difference if we don't put in the work. The GOP GOTV effort is already in full swing, so we need to catch up!
DEMSLINK created a Virtual Call Center for Seminole County.

If you are reading this outsite the state and want to help in close national races instead of our particular party, then choose the call center for www.moveon.org.

I have used the VCC, and it's easy. You get a list of 20 TARGETED voters at a time along with a script to use. Once you call, simply record the result of the call. Done.

If its' just one and that's all you want to do, hey, that's one more vote we can count on. These are DEMOCRATS you are calling, and I got to tell you, they are VERY grateful that we are active. (Most I have called are not home--I just leave the scripted message on their machine). I promised myself that I would do 5 a day until election day. But we need help in a bad way. We are still in the A's for goodness sakes!!

Go to http://www.seminoledemocrats.com/signup_gotv.asp.

If calling is not your thing, there is still plenty to do. Go to that site and sign up for something else.

We need all the help we can get. We are real close to a big victory, and its down to the wire. So please help, I'm asking you, the one reading this.

If you think the GOP is bad now, just think how they will be with no election holding them up. We have to win this, so help us out.

Just don't wake up November 8th thinking you could have done more.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Zogby Poll: Feeney and Curtis in Dead Head

www.electoral-vote.com today reported the new Zogby poll as a statistical tie:

Feeney ran unopposed in 2004 because the Democrats regarded this heavily Republican district as hopeless. If districts that are this Republican are even close, what is going on in the 350 or so districts where there are no polls?

Zogby International is an independent and respected polling agency, not like the partisan polls that candidates use to bolster their stature. This is bad news for Feeney, who is ranked the #1 most corrupt Congressman in the US by the nonpartisan Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, and who is most famous for his ties to Abramhoff and election fraud. But what is even more troubling is that the Zogby poll showed that Curtis is leading among likely voters who describe themselves as independent by 11 points.

The question presented to 402 likely voters in Florida's 24th district:
"If the election for Congress were held today and the candidates were Democrat Clint Curtis and Republican Tom Feeney, for whom would you vote?"

Even though Feeney was allowed to cut his own district under the corrupt GOP Congress, this is the result:

Feeney - 45%
Curtis - 43%
Other - 2%
Not sure - 10%

Pretty sad. FL-24 was oddly cut to give a large swatch of GOP voters from Seminole, as you can see. You would have to be pretty bad to lose after you got to pick your own voters. But that may just happen to poor Feeney.

Naturally, this race so far has been reported in the MSM as nothing but a virtual lock for Feeney. Don't expect that to change, but expect that we are very close to winning and have never had a better shot at such an entrenched incumbent.

Feeney hasn't had to run against an effective opponent before, so this probably explains Feeney's horribly run campaign. Other GOP campaigns have shamefully engaged in smear tactics, but not Feeney: His ENTIRE campaign is soley based on smearing his opponent. Not one piece of campaign literature has touted his accomplishments, (there aren't any), or even talked the issues. Nope, just one big vicious smear campaign on Curtis. That's why the Daytona Beach paper endorsed Clint, and you should as well.

We have such a clear choice: the most corrupt Congressman with only smear to run on, or an honest whistleblower who is talking the issues and values that matter to Seminole.

We will see what strategy works better Nov. 7.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

How LOW can they GO! GOP and Terrorists Share Same Platform

Racist ads from the RNC attacking Harold Ford that are so bad NO one in the GOP will take responsibility--except to say they are somehow powerless to stop them. A smear campaign that photoshops Tammy Duckworth to make her appear more "Asian". Republican celebrities suggesting people suffering from Parkinson's who support stem cell research are faking it, and then there's the old stand-by, telling people that terrorists are waiting to attack us just as soon as people vote for a Democrat in a local election.

I watched Bill Frist lose it on CNN (a terrible thing--when a GOPer thinks he will lose power) and scream that the terrorists will win if the Dems gain a majority. Ironically, he fails to see how the GOP and the terrorists share the same platform:

1. Scare the hell out of people (terrorize, terrorize, terrorize--always right before an election)
2. Take away our Constitutional freedoms (So we can only win if we are scared enough to to surrender our freedoms? Sure, let them tap every phone, email, look at your medical records, financial records, library records--all with no oversight)

The GOP is even providing a national platform for Osama Bin Laden and his associates--the only national ad they have produced features our enemies spewing their vile rhetoric. I'm sure Osama appreciates the GOP spending MILLIONS to get his message of terror out for him.

And the GOP is all too happy to do it, since they share the common agenda of trying to terrorize us.

So the next time you hear an R scream about voting for Dems helps the terrorists, let them know who Al Qaeda really appreciates.

PS--Osama also wants to thank you for the big recruitment drive you've given him in Iraq. Thanks fellas.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Help Out Jeremiah!

I got a call to get the word out for volunteers for Jeremiah's big marathon this Sunday. Funds go to help him unseat "DUI" Constantine. Let's give him the help we can! If you want to run, visit his website at www.jeremiahforsenate.com . IF you want to volunteer, read below:


We really need volunteers to help with the 5K this
Sunday. We need volunteers to help sign up day of race registrants
and take their money, hand out race packets to runners, and to hand out
refreshments to runners before, during, and after the race. This is very
important because we want this to run smoothly and this is a high profile event
for Jeremiah. There will be other candidates present and possibly
(hopefully) the press. There has been a considerable amount of time and money
invested in the 5k run.

This is a fun and relatively simple
volunteer job. Yes, its early but then you will be done early and have
served an important function in helping get our candidate Jeremiah

We are also short of a few supplies. We are in need
of folding tables and chairs and a bullhorn or sound system so Jeremiah can be
easily heard when he gives his pre-run speech. Also if anyone has any
contact info to pass on to me about getting supplies like Gatorade and bagels
let me know. We are getting substantial supplies from Winn Dixie but it
never hurts to have extra on hand.

Finally, if you know of anyone
interested in running the 5k I have attached the race flyer to this
e-mail. {Visit the website I gave}

The more runners we have the greater the chance of getting the
word out and generating media buzz.

If you can help, please e-mail Daniel McCarthy [dmccarthy1@cfl.rr.com]
and leave your name and phone number.

Tentatively, the plan is to
meet between 6:00-6:15 a.m. race morning at the Riverwalk by Fort Mellon

Thank you.

Martine McCarthy

Monday, October 23, 2006

NO NO NO on Amendment 3

Amendment 3 means that citizen initiatives will need a SUPER majority of 60 percent to amend Florida's constitution. The idea of replacing Majority with Minority rule is a bad idea that should have every citizen outraged.

The critics say that there are too many amendments--- I say that there wouldn't need to be so many if the Florida Legislature would just do its job. Unfortunately, the GOP has gerrymandered the districts so well that there is over a 95% recidivism rate--which means they don't have much incentive to listen to the people they are supposed to represent. They refuse to address citizen's needs--like smaller class sizes, the right to government information, public transportation, child care, or anything that doesn't involve the special interests. So the citizen uses the only avenue he or she has left: the Constitutional Amendment.

After all, that is OUR Constitution. But the politicians in Tallahassee think only they have the divine right to impose their will on us.

As a result, I get a headline in the Orlando Sentinel calling the Legislative Sessions a complete failure. How is it that an overwhelming GOP majority in both houses, and overseeing the executive, could only pass two major laws last year: Jacking up everyone's phone rates and allowing Big Sugar to hold off on cleaning the Everglades.

But no, the amendments for smaller class size and to fairly draw legislative districts are crazy.

Now if someone would initiate a Reverse amendment 3, which is that the politicians can't cave to the lobbyists without 60 percent, then that is something worth getting behind.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Early voting begins on Monday, October 23 and runs through Sunday, Nov. 5, at the 4 main libraries and at the Supervisor of Elections office in Sanford.

Hours for early voting:
Monday - Friday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m. - 12 noon
Sunday: 12 noon - 4 p.m.

Alex Sink is OVERQualified, Lee is UNDERQualified

I was extremely impressed when I first met Alex Sink earlier this year when she came by our monthly meeting to campaign as Chief Financial Officer.

Incredibly, Alex is the only candidate for this office who has any financial experience, and what experience she has: She has over 25 years expereince in the private sector, and was the President of the state's Largest bank. She managed more than $41 billion in customer deposits while supervising more than 9,000 employees in 800 branches.

Tom Lee, her opponent, has NO financial experience. And when pressed on financial issues facing this state, he instead engages in a hyper-partisan debate on issues such as abortion. Ironically, he is trying to campaing as an outsider, although he has been the Florida Senate president for the past 10 years. During that time, he has failed to solve the state's biggest financial problems, such as our property and insurance crisis.

We badly need real leadership from a qualified person, not the same partisan insider who has failed us time and time again. The voters recognize this, which is why she is in a statistical tie with Lee despite the large dose of money that has been poured in his campaign, and which is also why she has been endoresed by many key republicans, such as longtime Florida Comptroller Bob Milligan.

Visit her http://www.alexsinkforcfo.com.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Two Powerful Films about the Bi-partisan issue of Free and Fair Elections

Come join us:

FRIDAY OCT 20th Eastmonte Civic Center
624 Bills Lane
Altamonte Springs
7:00 PM

Join us for an Informational and Educational Evening

Dorothy Fadiman - an EMMY Winning Oscar Nominated Producer andClint Curtis - Renowned Whistleblower and Fair Election Advocate will be present

STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote - by Dorothy Fadiman 70 minutes The film weaves together dramatic behind-the-scenes experiences of poll workers, computer security experts, journalists, politicians, activists and voters of all ages. We hear from those who feel their communities were targeted for intimidation during the election, side by side with descriptions of irregular machine tallies and other electronic glitches.

Truth at the Booth - The Clint Curtis Story 37 minutes Clint Curtis is a computer programmer who testified before Congress that in 2000 Congressman Tom Feeney who Clint is now running against in District 24 in Florida requested him to build a prototype of a computer program that could, without detection, flip the votes in an election. This "computer hack" would allow a person or political party to take secret control of voting machines, thereby deciding who would win an election, regardless of the actual votes that have been cast.

Stop Election Fraud: Need Pollwatchers for Seminole!

The biggest fear I have is election fraud. The GOP election chiefs have not given our county a good reputation, and I have spoken before about Mike Ertel’s antics. But worst of all, under Ertel, Seminole now has those dreaded touchcreen machines with no verifiable paper trail. And since he has no problem letting his poll workers take them home, considering how easy they are to hack, then we all have something to be concerned about.
Contact the Seminole Democrats and volunteer to be a pollwatcher at webmaster@seminoledemocrats.com. The more vigilance we have, the less likely something bad will happen.

The following is a post by chemsmith (http://360.yahoo.com/rxn_man) that I think everyone should read:

There is a scenario wherein the Republicans could pull out a (stolen) victory without getting the votes. Question is, how do we keep it from happening?

Mark Crispin Miller wrote a good editorial about rigged elections.

This is worth reading. I'll paraphrase some of his points and offer my thoughts. Here is how the Republicans can steal the election. It's not rocket science.

1. First, they set up a scenario whereby they could pull off a fantastic win even though they are down in the polls. The easiest way is to create the impression that they have a tremendous GOTV advantage over Dems. In fact, they have already sold everyone on this. Dems and liberal bloggers all over are scared silly that the Repubs will GOTV so well that they'll win races in districts where Dems are favored. Even if their GOTV efforts don't work well, it doesn't matter when everyone believes it does and accepts it as a reason for a weird election outcome.

2. Second, they may or may not come up with some October Surprise. I'm not a big fan of this idea, but who knows. I think even if that happens, it'll be more of a mini-surprise, not some huge disaster or an attack on Iran. A great example of a mini-surprise was the bin Laden tape that 'cost' Kerry the election. It worked perfectly for Bush, even if that one was pure luck. People believed it gave Bush votes, offering less reason to question questionable outcomes.

3. Spend the last two years making laws and policies which hinder Democrats. This has been done in Indiana, Florida, and Ohio (and other places?), three states that Repubs need badly to hold onto Congress. Indiana and Florida have new voter ID laws. Other laws inhibit recounts, discourage registration or throw out registered voters. Even if these have little effect on hurting Dem voters, the impression is they DO hurt Dems, so again, less reason to question election results.

4. Dirty tricks. We've seen in California that Hispanics have been sent letters saying they'll be thrown in jail or deported if they vote. Doesn't matter if the perpetrator gets caught or not. The point is to scare people. And on election day there will be more tricks: lack of voting booths in Dem areas and the like. Again, it doesn't matter if the tricks work well. The damage is done.
Note also that although we liberals who read blogs have heard a bit about Diebold, electronic voting, and how these machines can leading to widescale cheating, the truth is that in 2006, there will be MORE OF THESE MACHINES USED! There will be more opportunity for using electronic voting to steal votes.

All of the above may be enough to swing a few elections the Repub's way. Not many, but some. It just may be enough. Republicans win Congress again.

5. Finally, and this is the fault of the Dems, consider this: Dems have, as USUAL, been so wimpy on election fraud issues by Repubs, that the Repubs may be able to express OUTRAGE before the Dems do! (Consider this irony: although it's been Dems who have been cheated out of victories in the last few years, it's mainly states with Republican administrations who have "worried" about fraud and have changed laws accordingly, like in Indiana and Florida and Ohio, as I mentioned above.) Wouldn't that be the greatest coup for the Repubs! In other words, outside of some editorials, some writings by Robert Kennedy and a few others, there's been almost no discussion, in the traditional media, of the cheating that cost Gore and Kerry the elections in 2000 and 2004. (I truly believe Gore and Kerry won both, period.) Dems have been way too afraid to say much, fearing they will look shrill, or that the Repubs will accuse them of..of something..and there will be some backlash. True, the Dems have no Congressional power to do much investigating now, but they still gave up easily.

Now consider this: What if the Repubs just BARELY lose the House, by one or two people. They may find a close race or two and guess what? THEY start SCREAMING about election fraud perpetrated by DEMOCRATS! That's right, the same people who have cheated their way to 'victories' for years will turn the tables on Dems. The media will finally get 'serious' about it and investigate. O'Reilly will be red with rage. When the Dems say, "What?! Wait a minute. YOU'RE the cheaters, not us!" it will simply sound lame and reactionary. The Repubs will already have won because they took the bull by the horn and got out front on the issue. They may get an race or two overturned and take back the House. The Dems will be able to do no better than to try to defend themselves. You see, Repubs don't cower like Dems do. Had Dems been making an issue of this for the past few years, this scenario wouldn't be so easy for Repubs to pull off.

So..my point? Repubs have a multi-pronged approach, any of them which can be used:
1. The supposedly great GOTV ability which makes us all believe that they really did win those upsets.
2. The October Surprise (maybe) that convinces people that the Repubs got extra votes.
3. Laws that help Repubs get more votes, or at least give that impression.
4. Cheating, cheating, cheating.
5. The possibility of an after-election campaign if needed, accusing Dems of cheating.

Dems need to at least consider these possibilities and try to fight back. It's almost too late already, but in the couple of weeks left there should be something we can do. I'm not exactly sure what. Some ideas:

1. Be very forthcoming that we believe the Repubs may cheat. State where, when, and how they may cheat and let everyone know that we're WATCHING CLOSELY. Do whatever it takes to make all voting as transparent as possible. Use independent bipartisan observers if possible. Maybe it's too late to set this up all over, but we could try in some of the more important elections. You know where those are at.

2. Exit poll like MAD, and be ready to counter any argument that exit polls somehow are not reliable. Because from what I know they HAVE been very reliable, except in a couple of amazing cases in the past few years, cases that always favored Bush.

3. Scream loudly about pre-election and election-day dirty tricks. Don't wait around to see if it affects the election.

Get out FRONT! Don't hand this to the Repubs.
Other ideas?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Hell We Did!!!

Keith Olbermann has a commentary every American should see about our president as he countinues to scamble across the county trying to scare Americans about his number one threat--Democrats.

And lying his ass off in the process.

Politicians are famous for playing with words, but Bush is taking credibility to new lows--he is outright lying. He tells the same speech over and over again in his stumps. Such as “177 of the opposition party said, ‘You know, we don’t think we ought to be listening to the conversations of terrorists.’”

LIE. Not even the White House press office could name one of those 177 Democrats who ever said the government shouldn’t be listening to the conversations of terrorists. These Democrats all want terrorist surveillance, but what they also demand is SOME sort of oversight and safeguard to prevent any American from being spied upon for political reasons. Seeing how this administration has no trouble outing a CIA agent and endangering National Security for political vengence, that's probably a good idea.

Another gem: “Democrats take a law enforcement approach to terrorism. That means America will wait until we’re attacked again before we respond.”

BIG LIE. Someone tell me what the hell that even means? Many republicans have joined Democrats in demanding accountability from this sorry administration. It is the Democrats who have said that within the first 100 days of the new House majority that they will implement ALL of the 9/11 commission recommendations. IT is the Democrats who have a plan to protect our vital infrastructure, such as ports, waterways, nuclear power, railways, etc., which have been completely ignored by the GOP in favor of illegal wiretapping.

What is worse is if these are not lies, but delusions. Not something you want to believe about your commander-in-chief. But that may be the case. Afterall, he still believes that Iraq had WMDs, that there is a link between Saddam and 9/11, that Clinton is somehow to blame for all of this administration's many, many failures and GOP scandals, that Rumsfield is doing a heckuva job, and the current nonstrategy in Iraq will work out just fine if everyone would just shut the hell up, stop questioning his competence, and quiet emboldening the enemy.

What is even sadder is the fact that many GOPers, who have staked everything in this man, are in perpetual denial. They spin every disaster, every scandal, and every misjudgment.

The GOP's only slogan now, from the mouth of Denny Hastert, seems to be Vote for Us Because We Desparately Want to Stay in Power.

What a sad party it has become.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Run WITH Jermiah Jaspon for State Senate

From Lori Levasseur:

NEED DEMOCRATS TO RUN: We need Democrats to sign up for this and show support for Jeremiah!! This is a first – a campaign sponsoring a 5k run. If you can walk 3.2 miles, you can participate. Sign up here!

You can also send a check to:

Running for the People 5k
C/O Lori LeVasseur, Treasurer
285 Reider Avenue
Longwood, FL 32750

It will be held Sunday, October 29 at 7:30am in Sanford. The cost is $20 if paid before October 25. Day of race it is $30.

CELEBRITY RUNNER: Former Lyman High School track star Teddy Mitchell will be running in the race. He was a local running star in the 1980-1990’s. He was 3 time Florida State High School Champion, a NCAA 10,000 meter Champion, and qualified 10th in the Olympic trials for the marathon in 2000. This is just a few of his accomplishments. Teddy left Seminole County in 1990 to run for the University of Tennessee and the University of Arkansas. He also enlisted in the Army to participate in the World Class Athletes program which is a special program to help Olympic potential athletes. I believe he still holds some local high school and Florida record times. He is running in Jeremiah’s 5k to support him as a candidate and help bring runners to the race. He is home for a visit to his family and to help his old high school coach, Fred Finke, with the District cross country meet.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bush Insider: Christian Leaders Used and Called “NUTS”

Seminole County is a bastion for Christian Conservatives, many who do good work from such prominent churches as the First Baptist Church of Oviedo. I used to go that church, (I now go to one in Casselberry), and I know many good people there who devote a lot of time, money, and effort to great mission work. Unfortunately, I also know a lot of them to be strong supporters of Bush and the GOP. Many worked overtime to win support for the GOP in the past two elections.

Bush and the GOP gave a half-hearted attempt this election year to push forward one of their primary goals after 2004, a Constitutional ban on gay marriage. When challenged on why Bush did so little for a lynchpin of his campaign, he said it was because the support wasn’t there. (Neither was there support for Social Security privatization, but that didn’t stop him from barnstorming the country after the 2004 election for 60 days in 60 cities to drum up support). This fact, coupled with other blatant half-hearted efforts right before the election to win their favor, along with the many corruption scandals, and now a pedophile scandal that the House leadership covered up, has turned off a lot of the Christian Conservatives this election cycle.

But still, there are several who are still willing to pour their blood, sweat, and tears into the 2006 mid-terms for the GOP. A handful do this because they have been brainwashed that Democrats are evil, but I will give the others more credit than that. I think many of them sincerely believe that the GOP righteously cares about them and their causes, even if several in the GOP have just “lost their way”.

Allow me to dissuade them of that notion.

David Kuo is not some left-wing nut. He was the second-in-command for the Bush Administration’s new aptly named Office of Faith-Based Initiatives. He served as special assistant to the president from 2001 to 2003, and previously worked for prominent conservatives, such as Bill Bennett and John Ashcroft.

Kuo gives a frank discussion of how he and other Christian Conservatives were used in his book, “Tempting Faith”, which hits bookshelves Monday.

Full article here

He says some of the nation’s most prominent evangelical leaders were referred to by Karl Rove as “the nuts.” They were called other things as well.

More seriously, Kuo stated that the new office was used primarily to mount events to mobilize religious voters in targeted races, using taxpayer funds.

In fact, when it came to spending money on “compassionate” social programs, Kuo discovered the amount was $20 million a year less than during the Clinton Administration. The money that was spend in Bush's new office, however, was almost always used to serve a political agenda. That is what the Christian Conservatives were seen as: a tool to win elections that could be pacified by throwing a bone once in a while.

The Christian Conservatives helped propel the victory of the Bush Republicans. And in response, they have been laughed at, looked-down upon, used, and ignored.

I wonder how they will be treated if, after all of that, the GOP is somehow able to hold on to power?

Hopefully, none of us will have to find out.

Friday, October 13, 2006


State committeewoman and Seminole campaign manager Shari Rosefelt sent out a shocking piece from the GOP attack machine that was sent out across the country two days ago. It is an attempt to fire up their base. The lies are appalling. I rebutted the lies line by line (in bold). Read it, and then read the reality of what the Dems will really do in Congress.

The GOP Lie Machine:

October 11, 2006

Dear (name deleted),

Please help us get this information into the hands of as many people as possible by forwarding it to your entire email list of family and friends.

What if the Liberals Win in November?

How important are the upcoming elections? Extremely important! Below is a list of what we can expect if the liberals win. These elections are crucial. It is vitally important that you vote. Please vote and encourage others to do the same. As bad as things are, they will be infinitely worse if the liberals win.

The strategy of the liberals is to get Values Voters so disgusted and discouraged that they will not vote. (We didn't need any help with that!) If that happens, the liberals will have achieved their goal and they will be running our country.

Here is what we can expect if the liberals win:

Amnesty for 12,000,000 illegal immigrants. (LIE)

A push to make homosexual marriage and polygamy legal in all 50 states. (Gay marriage in 50 states? On what planet? Gay marriage isn't even a reality in San Francisco!!)

Only liberal judges will be appointed. They will create laws to implement the social agenda liberals cannot get passed through the legislative process. (No, SANE judges will be appointed!! A Dem majority will ensure that only qualified judges get through--no more ideological wingnuts shoved down our throats! PS-Bush appoints the judges!!!!)

Liberals will make the killing of the unborn more difficult to stop. (Abortion should be SAFE, LEGAL, and RARE! We will protect the right to reproductive freedom, but we will also end the GOP assault on the lower class, which is ironically ENCOURAGING abortions!! Why was the abortion rate so low under Clinton's term and so high now?)

Liberals will continue to try to rid our society of Christian influence,
including any reference to God in our Pledge and on our currency. (Last I checked, the House and Senate was full of Christians, in BOTH parties! Get real!!)

A return to the "Fairness Doctrine" in broadcasting where opposing views must be given equal time. Every conservative talk show host will be forced to give a liberal equal time on every issue. The purpose of this rule will be to shut down conservative talk shows. (In Central Fla, we are subjected to dozens of right-wing stations owned by one or two extreme right corporations. We HAVE no opposing viewpoints on the radio, how could we shut down conservative talk shows? Cry me a river. Regardless, this issue will not be taken up by the Dems. It would be vetoed on the spot.)

An increase in taxes to push new social programs. (The only tax breaks that would be rolled back, IF ANY, will be the massive tax breaks given to the WEALTHIEST 1% of the nation and the OIL COMPANIES tax breaks in a year of the largest profits in human history--which, combined, have contributed to the LARGEST DEFICIT in history that our children will be paying. Even those common sense measures will very likely not fly and aren't even on the agenda).

Passing a new "hate crimes" law making it illegal to refer to homosexuality in a negative manner. (LIE, just making things up now).

Liberals will give terrorists from other countries who try to kill Americans the same rights American citizens enjoy under our constitution. (BIG LIE, not one Democrat says they should be given the same rights as our constitution, but several Dems and REPUBLICANS demanded that we apply the Geneva conventions and at the very least, do not torture. Why I have to explain why its a bad idea for our government to condone torture is a sad fact, but see the previous blog--the candidates said it better than I could).

We will withdraw from Iraq, sending the message to the terrorists that if they will just be patient they can win and bring their terrorist acts to the U.S. (We oppose keeping the troops in Iraq indefintely!! Which is the "Stay the Couse" plan. NOT ONE DEMOCRAT wants to pull the troops out immediately, but we can't keep our troops there forever moderating a CIVIL WAR! There is a culture of dependency in Iraq that Bush encourages by saying we will be there until they decide to "get governing". This November, we will have our troops in Iraq longer than we had the troops remaining in Europe after WWII. They were given a timeline to get things done. Our troops now aren't even being given benchmarks to achieve. They are just staying there while the situation gets worse and worse...PS, we also support giving the troops the support and armor they need.)

Go Vote! Encourage Others To Do The Same.


Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Family Association
P.S. Please forward this e-mail message to your family and friends!

Now, this bears repeating. According to Nancy Pelosi, here is what we will really do:

First 100 Days:

Day One: Put new rules in place to "break the link between lobbyists and legislation."

Day Two: Enact all the recommendations made by the commission that investigated the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Time remaining until 100 hours: Raise the minimum wage to $7.25 an hour, maybe in one step. Cut the interest rate on student loans in half. Allow the government to negotiate directly with the pharmaceutical companies for lower drug prices for Medicare patients.

Broaden the types of stem cell research allowed with federal funds _ "I hope with a veto-proof majority," she added in an Associated Press interview Thursday.

All the days after that: "Pay as you go," meaning no increasing the deficit, whether the issue is middle class tax relief, health care or some other priority.

To do that, she said, Bush-era tax cuts would have to be rolled back for those above "a certain level." She mentioned annual incomes of $250,000 or $300,000 a year and higher, and said tax rates for those individuals might revert to those of the Clinton era. Details will have to be worked out, she emphasized.

"We believe in the marketplace," Pelosi said of Democrats, then drew a contrast with Republicans. "They have only rewarded wealth, not work."

"We must share the benefits of our wealth" beyond the privileged few, she added.

We have a great disadvantage when it comes to the resources in getting the truth out. The conservative talk shows that they claim will be "shut down" reach a vast audience, as does FOX News, as does their massive election machine--including a great GOTV mechanism that squashed us two years ago.

If you've never helped us before, help us now. Volunteer two lousy hours, donate a couple bucks. Do all you can, whatever you can, before you wake up on Nov. 8.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

How to Win the Torture Arguement

Rubber-stamp Republicans (RS) who parrot the GOP talking points try to equate torture with patriotism and being tough on terror. Thought you'd like to see how two good examples of how to handle that question--(I don't think Feeney or Mica would be dumb enough to try that attack against our Seminole candidates for Congress, but just in case:)

Bob Johnson(D) vs John McHugh(RS)

My opponent this fall, incumbent Republican John McHugh, firmly supports the Bush Administration's right to torture. Perhaps because he never served in the military, he doesn't understand how opposing torture protects our own troops. Perhaps because he hasn't put in the work to study the issue, he doesn't know that torture doesn't work and produces unreliable information. And perhaps because he has been in Washington so long, he has lost touch with the basic morality of what it means to be an American.

I can't say why he takes the position he does. But I do know this: he is profoundly, seriously, and morally wrong.

Eric Massa (D) and Randy Kuhl(RS)

My answer to the torture question is the same as a personal friend and fellow Naval officer who suffered torture during six years of captivity in the Vietnam War, and vowed to fight against the law with every breath in his body: Not just no but HELL NO!

Torture doesn't provide good intelligence. Torture puts our troops at risk. Torture is eroding the little international respect we have left. Torture is not a necessary tool in the war against terrorism. Throwing out the Geneva Conventions is foolish. We need less torture and more leadership.

And here is the important point: Democrats are stronger on National Security and more in touch with what the soldiers really want and need because we have so many veterans on our side of the aisle. Men like Randy Kuhl, who have never worn the uniform, cannot compete with military experience when it comes to National Security and supporting our troops.

President Bush, and those who blindly follow his lead like Randy Kuhl, are leading us away from the National Security strengths built upon by previous presidents, both Democratic and Republican. (see discussion by Brent Budowsky here) We need Democratic congressional leadership that will provide congressional oversight instead of rubber-stamping failed and misguided policies, like torture, as the Republican congress now does.

We need to make America everything it is destined to be.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Jim Davis Coming to Seminole

Dem candidate for Governor, Jim Davis, is visiting Longwood this Saturday, October 14th, at 4:00pm. This is your chance to hear him share his vision for a new direction for Florida.

I spoke with the guy in charge. This is open to everyone, but you must RSVP because SEATING IS LIMITED. For directions and to RSVP, email bpusey@jimdavis2006.com or call (407) 896-2025.

I'm sure the other SemDem candidates will be there, so come on out! See ya there...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Nelson Asks for Help—for Others!

The e-mail Bill Nelson sent out didn’t ask me for money for his campaign. He asked for help in three very close Florida races: FL-13 (Christine Jennings), FL-22 (Ron Klein), and “Rubber-Stamp Ric”’s seat in the county next door, FL-08 (Charlie Stuart). Stuart is quickly gaining momentum, especially given Ric’s 95% vote with the unpopular president. (In fact, in those rare instances when he deviated, it was because Keller didn’t think W was being conservative enough).

These seats are all very close right now, and the GOP knows it. Bill is trying to use his resources to counter the GOP attack machine.

Of course, I would have preferred if he included our candidates, John Chagnon and Clint Curtis, who I think have a very good chance this year. But I still got to hand it to the guy. No one would be angry if Bill focused all his time, money, and efforts to defend his own seat, especially considering Katherine Harris is far ahead in the latest poll. (At least in Harris’ world.)

But I guess Bill felt compelled to do something to help these fighting Dems against the heavily entrenched GOP incumbents. Besides raising money, he has already donated some of his own money from his campaign to help other Dem candidates.

For Bill, its not just about holding on to power—that’s something the current GOP leadership could learn.

Visit his ActBlue page that he created.

And thanks Bill, for being a Senate leader we can be proud of and a real class act.

More on Our SemDem Candidates...

Lori M. LeVasseur gathered several recent articles in our local newspapers featuring our local Democratic candidates. Kudos to the Oviedo Voice and Seminole Chronicle for starting to feature the local elections and actually focusing on the candidates who will be our representatives. The Orlando Sentinel also has a local section by county, but for some reason they don't ever seem as interested in covering the candidates. I guess they need room for more important issues, like Love Bug season.

Anyway, here you go:
Democratic candidates featured in the Seminole Chronicle

Langdon in the Oviedo Voice

Candidate Forum in the Oviedo Voice

Quicknote: I had to put the pdfs on a website to get them to work, which brought me back to my first and only website I ever designed. It was October 2004, and I built one against the Bush administration. There were sooo many reasons not to support him back then, if I had bothered to update it, I would have run out of room. Take a trip back to memorylane: www.freewebs.com/freebush

Monday, October 09, 2006


October 10, 2006, is the date that voter registration closes
for the November elections.

A person can register on-line by going to the
Florida Divisions of Elections Official website.

If you aren't registered, leave this site and do it NOW!

Friday, October 06, 2006

The 5-2-Vote Strategy

Incompetence, Corruption, Scandal
What we are fighting against...

If you are reading this, I'm going to ask for your help if you haven't helped already with a new strategy to win. Why? Well, you would think with the massively scandal-prone GOP running this country into the ground, we would be able to ride the wave of anti-incumbent fever to victory.

But its frankly not that simple.

The GOP does not play around when it comes to elections. They have built an awesome vote-getting apparatus, use sophisticated micro-targeting techniques, have a massive fundraising advantage--(time to call in favors for the tax breaks to the wealthy and oil companies), and worst of all, using advanced computer equipment, they were able to gerrymander the hell out of their districts so that the representatives could actually pick their voters. (And you thought it was voters who picked representatives...)

I won't even go into the voter suppression techniques and the fact that the companies counting the votes from the touch-screen voting machines come from corrupt, conservative-leaning companies.

Before you think that I'm all doom and gloom, I'm not. We are motivated as we haven't been in years, and the American people have woken up to the right-wing lies and have finally come to same conclusions we did a long time ago about their exploitation of terror, their miscalculations in Iraq, and the phony claim to be the party of "moral values".

We CAN win, despite the obstacles. But it will take ALL OF US.

What if every one who was angry donated a lousy $5 to the Democrats?
And what if everyone committed to spend two lousy hours on a Saturday to canvass voters?

You are visiting this site and are reading this, which means that you care and you are angry. If you have never contributed or volunteered--all I'm asking is this:
  • Contribute a lousy $5. Visit the contribution links at either the national Dems at www.democrats.org OR the Sem Dems at www.seminoledemocrats.org
  • Volunteer a lousy 2 hours on a Saturday. The Seminole Democrats are meeting in Longwood every Saturday from now to the election. (Visit the website for times and location). The other county Dems and Dem candidates are all looking for volunteers as well.
  • And finally, VOTE

That's it. 5-2-Vote

Even if its less, if its one step more than you usually do, than you can feel good November 8 no matter the outcome.


We may not get another chance this good. Let's not blow this, guys!!!

Local Candidate Debates

Thanks to Lori LeVasseur for the tip:

Watch our candidates go toe-to-toe the last week of October on WMFE

Dem Majority's First 100 days

If the Dem's recapture the House, the Dems have an ambitious agenda for the first 100 days. Read about it here. It will be a refreshing change to the corruption and lobbyist-coddling that we have been fed for too long. Several of these seats are in Florida--so volunteer to help make this a reality.

Day One: Put new rules in place to "break the link between lobbyists and legislation."

Day Two: Enact all the recommendations made by the commission that investigated the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Time remaining until 100 hours: Raise the minimum wage to $7.25 an hour, maybe in one step. Cut the interest rate on student loans in half. Allow the government to negotiate directly with the pharmaceutical companies for lower drug prices for Medicare patients.

Broaden the types of stem cell research allowed with federal funds _ "I hope with a veto-proof majority," she added in an Associated Press interview Thursday.

All the days after that: "Pay as you go," meaning no increasing the deficit, whether the issue is middle class tax relief, health care or some other priority.

To do that, she said, Bush-era tax cuts would have to be rolled back for those above "a certain level." She mentioned annual incomes of $250,000 or $300,000 a year and higher, and said tax rates for those individuals might revert to those of the Clinton era. Details will have to be worked out, she emphasized.

"We believe in the marketplace," Pelosi said of Democrats, then drew a contrast with Republicans. "They have only rewarded wealth, not work."

"We must share the benefits of our wealth" beyond the privileged few, she added.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sally McGinnis Shows Democrats How its Done

I first met Sally McGinnis four years ago when she was first campaigning for city commission. She was extremely active in the community: working on the Board of Directors for several organizations and serving on virtually every board in the city. She was very energetic and would often talk about her vision for Winter Springs. Naturally personable, I later discovered that many of my neighbors already knew who she was and were already strong supporters.

Her campaign faced tough opposition from two other candidates, and what made it even tougher was the fact that Sally had the audacity NOT run as a republican in this ultra-conservative town. Nonetheless, she won handily. Right now, Sally is the only Democrat on the commission.

She has worked closely with the mayor and the other commissioners to improve our good city, and the results are obvious. Living in the Highlands subdivision, I live in what’s known as Old Winter Springs. A lot of us were feeling pretty neglected, but there has been a massive beautification effort during the past few years. Now we have fancy walkways, hump-back lanterns, gazebos, and landscaping along 434 (Village Walk) that lead to the new Town Center, which is still growing.

I’m also pleased about the Central Winds expansion, the new dog park, and the free Wi-Fi access for all Winter Springs residents---(despite GOP St. Sen. Lee Constantine’s interference).

Sally got elected because she connected with voters, and she will be re-elected because she helped deliver results. In local politics, that trumps your political party each and every time. (So you can’t call me a hypocrite, I have actually backed and even campaigned for local politicians that have an R next to their name.) My neighbors are all ultra-conservative, but they love and support Sally McGinnis.

Although I’m sure her last minute opponent, Matt Matisak, is a nice guy, I just don’t know him.

But I’m willing to bet my neighbors don’t know him either.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Local GOP Candidates Benefit from Foley Money

I have always said the GOP will do anything to stay in power. But despite refusing to investigate their own members for the corruption and bribery scandals, despite the fact that they consistently exploit the tragedy of 9/11, I never thought that the GOP leaders, many who are fathers, would choose to put a safe House seat over protection of a child from an online predator.

Yet the facts speak for themselves. Foley’s emails were brought to the attention of Hastert at least a year ago. And he made the cold, calculated decision that holding on to a slim majority is far more important. (The Democrat on the Page Board was never even told). But if that is not enough to convince you that the GOP is more interested in power than doing the right thing, consider this: Mr. Carl Forti, the communications director for the National Republican Congressional Committee, said that the committee would gladly accept Mr. Foley’s money.

“The money is in the control of Mr. Foley,” Mr. Forti said. “Whatever he decides to do with it is up to him.”

Both Seminole GOP candidates, Tom Feeney and John Mica, have both benefited from Foley’s money by directly receiving contributions from his PAC in past elections—as have Katherine Harris and Ric Keller. The new revelations, however, mean that many (not all, but many) don’t want to receive money Directly from Foley’s PAC for this election. (Well, maybe Tom Feeney and Katherine Harris, who have no problems with shady characters giving them money like Abramoff and Ney, but then again, they don’t have trouble being ranked most corrupt by a nonpartisan group.

However, thanks to the ethical lapses of the RNCC, they can now get the money Indirectly -- so everything is okay.

Taking money from a sexual predator is bad. But if the predator gives the money to a third party to give to you, THEN you can take the money--everyone is happy.

For the GOP, morality is relative.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Creepy Foley

The GOP is nothing if not an exercise in irony. They appoint a hothead who hates the UN the ambassador of that organization, they put a man who puts theology above science as head of the FDA, they put a man who led a firm in union-busting as head of OSHA, a man with strong pharmaceutical ties to chair their senior-prescription drug fiasco, and they appoint a man who consistently tells the president to violate the law, both Constitutional and international, as head of the Justice Department.

Now we see that the head of the congressional caucus on missing and exploited children is none other than one of Florida's own: republican Mark Foley. This man sent creepy, sexually-explicit emails to an underage page, and in a move that would make the Boston archdiocese blush, the House leadership (Boehner, Hastert) knew about this creepy behavior for ALMOST A YEAR and did nothing to put a stop to it or to warn anyone.

US News this week spoke of top GOP leadership being grudgingly envious of Pelosi as compared to Hastert's handling of criminal activity. She immediately called for an investigation into Rep. Jefferson of La., and suspended his committee assignments. The GOP, in contrast, consistently refuse to investigate their members and always choose to cover-up the bad behavior instead--while attacking the Dems for partisan sniping. This playbook was being followed by Foley and his GOP allies until last Friday, when the salacious emails surfaced.

Now, to be fair, Hastert has had to deal with A LOT of corruption in his ranks, but a pedophile?? An investigation should have happened the MOMENT this was first brought to the GOP leadership's attention. This goes beyond politics. Pedophilia is sick, sick , sick, and all parents, right leaning, left leaning, or no leaning, wants to protect children from SICKOS.

I can tell you that if he was a Dem, I would not be sparing him one iota of sympathy, because I am a parent first. This man belongs in jail.

If he WAS a Dem, he would have been investigated and drummed out a long time ago. And you know what? If he was a Dem under a Dem majority, the same thing would have happened.

But since he was a GOPer under a GOP majority, his behavior was ignored. And a young man had to suffer for it.